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Success Stories!

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Let us help: You are not as cool as you can be!
Known only as "Grandma," this 72year old Spruce Goose was able to realize her life-time dream of making the game winning point at the NBA Final. In her words she recalls:

"Just a few weeks ago I was sitting at dialisis, worried about those Obama Death Panels and a friend of mine told me about VIPAREA.ME, so I checked it out. BOY am I glad I did. I never felt so ALIVE! Most of the evening was a blur probably due to my pain killers and alzheimers but when I had the ball and there was only 5 seconds left in overtime I remember thinking - I can hold onto the ball driving this into second overtime, or I could stuff it down Chandlers throat. I chose the latter. After the buzzer I was lifted up and carried off the court, thousands in the stands cheering my name. Thank you VIP Area! Now I can die happy!"

Robert P. is a semi-successful entrepreneur. Based in Arizona, this 61 year old grizzly wanted to live the high-life of an American President.

Robert recounts: " There are 16 lessons I've learned from the experience VIP Area has given me, but the most important one is this, Never let go of your dreams! Because when you do, you might loose them. Or worse, someone might pull INCEPTION on you... and nothing is more resilient than an idea. The point I'm trying to make here is that VIP Area allowed me to live my American Dream of becoming the Master and Commander in Chief, THANK YOU!. Cheers"